Partners / Clients


Elegoa develops partnerships with, and provides services to, visionary leaders and early adopters who aim to discover alternative ways to fulfill their vision and mandate. Our goals are to:

  • Produce experimental art
  • Produce art works and cultural projects relevant to the territory they unfold in or are inspired by 
  • Enable fully human experiences throughout the process
  • Engage openness and the willingness to learn


Partners we collaborate with and clients we serve include:

  • Artists
  • Arts and cultural organizations
  • Social services and NGOs
  • Business 
  • Municipalities
  • Art collectors
  • Philanthropists


Realizing your vision

Elegoa works with professional artists that also see themselves as humanists with lives and interests extending beyond the art world. We support artists who are experimental in their practice, open to inter-cultural approaches and to the exploration of outsider territory. 


Elegoa invites professional international artists to create works within a proposed geographical context. With our local contacts, we find the means for artists working with individuals and communities to research, develop, and realize artworks. Each project engages the resident artists to work in response to the locale and in collaboration with targeted communities and key players.

We provide them with the right kind of support—intellectual, social, financial, institutional—to get artwork produced and engage audiences and communities. 


We serve artists in search of contexts (geographic, artistic, institutional) or in need of any services offered by Elegoa. Artistic affinity is necessary to ensure the success of Elegoa’s services. Fees are based on the specifics of each request.

Arts and cultural organizations

Elegoa pitches in

Elegoa co-commissions, with museums and other arts and cultural organizations, social-minded art projects that are anchored in, and respond to, their mandate and the territories they operate in. Elegoa also offer them its various services.

Museums, galleries, and other cultural organizations need effective ways to connect with surrounding communities, and to play active roles in public dialogue and education. While exhibition and collection management will remain the core of a museum’s mandate, museums also aim to explore new art forms outside their walls while encouraging community participations and financial contribution. Elegoa can serve these organizations by providing crucial expertise in these regards. With over 15 years of museum and art center experience focused on reaching out to the community through educational and public programs, and enabling artist-led projects, we are well placed to augment in-house skills. 

Social services and NGOs 

Building strengths through culture

Social services and NGOs can co-commission artworks and cultural projects with Elegoa or benefit from any of our services.

With a mandate or a desire to help build communities and empower individuals, agencies often need to explore creative alternative means to meet their objectives.

Elegoa offers social service organizations and NGOs alternative means to serve their clients. We will expose clients to creative people and unconventional tools and provide opportunities to learn new skills. Clients will gain confidence through close, long-term collaborations with artists and various partners in their community.


Capitalizing on community and artistic values

Businesses can sponsor or co-commission artworks and cultural projects with Elegoa or engage in a creative contribution for a defined project.

Businesses can approach Elegoa when:

  • they want to support or initiate an art project and a community, 
  • they want to define creative strategies for professional development, 
  • they want art-based visioning exercises within their own company. 

This will engage them in a creative contribution.


Civic-minded corporations and visionary business leaders want to give back to the community, and raise their profiles. By sponsoring an Elegoa project they will:

  • Increase marketing reach via savvy associations
  • Develop visibility among new markets
  • Promote their brand via association with others, consistent with brand values
  • Generate public goodwill
  • Position the organization as a corporate leader
  • Help not-for-profits raise funds

Where not-for-profit organizations are also involved as partners, businesses will be offered charitable receipts for their sponsorship.

Creative contribution:

Elegoa invites businesses to become active members of a creative team for a project, relevant to their activity, to be produced in the territory they operate in. We approach businesses based on the needs of the project. We invite them to become active members of the creative team by directly engaging their resources. These include the contributions of people who will take part in the research and decision making process of the project. Engaging in a creative contribution with Elegoa:

  • Offers new forms of professional development within a company,
  • Exposes management teams and employees to unusual contexts where they will gain new experiences, perspectives, and new potential for their own activity
  • Strengthens connections within the company 
  • Helps businesses integrate new networks, and develop partnership opportunities that will eventually lead to new business collaborations and sales.


Commissioning artwork is not a function reserved for museums. If your artistic vision meets Elegoa’s, we can co-commission an artwork from an artist.

Businesses can also approach Elegoa to discuss other creative ways to meet their needs


A Mandate to build healthy communities

Municipalities can co-commission artworks and cultural projects with Elegoa or benefit from any of our services.

As part of their traditional concerns, municipalities increasingly adopt the mandate, or willingness, to do community building and help citizens toward self-actualization. Municipalities, consequently, seek creative alternatives to achieve these goals.

Elegoa helps municipalities by offering alternative ways to build healthy communities. We create new synergies by bringing together for a common goal—an art project—key players and others in the community. Processes allow municipalities to:

  • Enhance local efforts toward public education, artistic outreach, individual and professional development,
  • Maintain and develop new networks of multidisciplinary community partners, locally and abroad
  • Enhance economic vitality by engaging businesses in community art-based projects


Opportunities to make a difference

Generous, civic-minded individuals are often motivated by the desire to contribute where there is a need. The trick is finding projects they can participate in that truly reflect and promote the values they care about.

Elegoa offers opportunities for philanthropists to contribute to the creation of cutting edge social-minded art projects. We identify artists and projects that can share your cause and contribute to its advancement. We guarantee ethical implementation of the project, and provide transparency in our processes.

We also welcome your suggestions and ideas to stimulate the genesis of a new project.

Art Collectors

Contributing to the creative process

How does one choose an artist, or provide meaningful support to help an artist to bring artworks to fruition? Acquiring object-based work resulting from the artistic process is the usual way to go. How does one support an artist whose work does not result in objects but in more ephemeral forms (performance, processes of various types, or any other apparently ephemeral art forms)?
Elegoa offers opportunities for collectors to contribute to the artist’s creative process right at the beginning or to support artists’ experiments that do not result in object-based artworks.