From Glissant Unfixed and Unbounded

From Glissant Unfixed and Unbounded

Art Gallery of Ontario
December 5, 6 and 7, 2019.

Photo: Edouard Glissant en 1997 (in 1997) in New York City by © Jean-Christian Bourcart

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Inspired by the poetry and philosophy of Martiniquan writer Edouard Glissant (1928-2011), this international event is an attempt to generate poetics of relation from Toronto's current political and artistic context toward his theory of "le Tout-Monde" (The Whole-World). In a time where borders and walls are erected and war seems endless, artists, thinkers, poets and performers are taking up the work of Glissant. Over three days and including participating members of the public, they will present interactive, project-based engaging ways of exchanging knowledge and building new imaginaries. 

The event is presented, commissioned and produced by Elegoa Cultural Productions, and co-presented with the Art Gallery of Ontario. It is funded for its main part by the Canada Council for the Arts, through the Sector Innovation and Development Program. The curatorial process is lead in collaboration with artists by Catherine Sicot (Elegoa), Wanda Nanibush (AGO) and Pamela Edmonds (McMaster Museum of Art).