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Burbs to Banlieues

Burbs to Banlieues

Burbs to Banlieues is a Franco-Canadian multi-year project that takes place in the suburbs of Paris and Toronto. It explores links and differences between territories marked by layers of histories and dreams, in geographies where significant colonial histories and current immigration come into play. The project offers artists based in Canada and in France a context to develop new artworks in the other country. Their works will result from a series of residencies.

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On The Road


*Project cancelled for lack of temporary Canadian visa*

See substitute project produced in Cuba in the Fall 2016: Indian Summer Diary: I love Canada, Canada, love me!

From Cuba to Canada and the USA

Artist residency - Summer/Fall 2016: Luis Manuel Otero Alcántara

Curated by: Catherine Sicot

The Call by Olivier Bosson (Facing: the stories of others. 2017/18/19)

Casting in Markham 2017

Film project based in Makham (Ontario, Canada)

Hors Pistes, Centre Pompidou, Paris - January 24 and 27, 2018 (Facing: The story of Others)

Otro Tratado Phiphi

Hors Pistes (Centre Pompidou) and Elegoa Cultural Productions present:

Presentation/performance by Wanda Nanibush,
Luis Manuel Otero Alcántara and Yanelys Nunez Leyva

January 24 and 27 at Le Centre Pompidou (Paris)

Tout-Monde: Markham - Call for Proposals

Elegoa Cultural Productions and the Varley Art Gallery of Markham present:
The commission of 6 projects to Toronto and GTA filmmakers and visual artists to be presented in an exhibition
in the fall of 2019. Deadline for proposals: November 9, 2018 

Elegoa call for proposals

Photo credits: City of Markham


Tout-Monde: Markham

Varley Art Gallery of Markham
September 14, 2019 – January 5, 2020 | Main Gallery

     Photo: On set of Andrew Chung’s White Elephant. 2019. Photo by Ifenna Okeke. Courtesy of the artist.

Artists: Andrew Chung, Annette Mangaard, Julieta Maria, Calyx Passailaigue,
              Roberto Santaguida, Alice Shin
Curated by Catherine Sicot and Anik Glaude

Tout-Monde: Markham seeks to engage with the delicate, yet timely, discourse about encountering and representing the other. The project is inspired by the ideas of Martiniquais poet and philosopher Edouard Glissant (1928 – 2011). Building on his in-depth explorations of the history of slavery, and of créolisation, Glissant imagined le Tout-Monde (“the whole-world”) where “relationships between two or more identities that are masters to themselves, would rely on changing by exchanging”.

With its diverse communities, Markham offers an interesting context within which to explore Glissant’s ideas. Six artists working with film were commissioned to engage with community members from backgrounds different from their own, thus stimulating the exploration of various means of perception and interaction with others. Ultimately, this project aims to generate a series of personal or collective encounters between artists and communities, as well as between neighbours, between friends and between strangers.

The artworks presented in the exhibition Tout-Monde: Markham are commissioned by Elegoa Cultural Productions and is part of the multi-layered project Facing: The Stories of Others (an exploration of nations from the "outside-in") curated by Catherine Sicot, with the support of the Canada Council for the ArtsNew Chapter Program, in partnership with the Varley Art Gallery of Markham, and made with the support of the Liaison of Independent Filmmakers of Toronto (LIFT)

Join us at the opening of Tout-Monde: Markham! The night will feature an engaging panel discussion, performances, refreshments and more! Panel discussion will occur from 6 – 7 p.m and the reception will be 7-9 p.m. Please RSVP as limited spots are available.

    Photos: On set of Andrew Chung’s White Elephant. 2019. Photos by Ifenna Okeke. Courtesy of the artist.

   Photos: Annette Mangaard, Come Into My Kitchen - Helen's Kitchen (above), Jennifer's Kitchen (below), 2019,
                  still from 4K video, dimensions variable. Courtesy of the artist.

"As immigrants to Canada from Denmark my family initially camped not far from the Varley Art Gallery and later settled in Scarborough. I recall on my way to school tossing my mother’s carefully prepared open-faced smørrebrød (sandwich) consisting of liverwurst and sliced pickles on dark rye bread. I looked longingly at the Wonderbread and peanut butter consumed by the other children.” Annette Mangaard, filmmaker of Come Into My Kitchen.

    Photos: Julieta Maria, Redbird, 2019. Film still. Courtesy of the artist.

    Photos: Calyx Passailaigue, Zeen?, 2019, Short Film. Courtesy of the artist.

“Zeen?" is a Caribbean patois word originated from Jamaica, meaning “do you understand?” Or, more casually, “Do you get me?” - Calyx Passailaigue, director and co-producer of Zeen?, 2019.
Script co-written with Richard Walters.
Calyx Passailaigue

      Photos: Roberto Santaguida, West of Greensborough, 2019, Production Still, screen 3. Courtesy of the artist.

"West of Greensborough is informed by methods of coping, the thought isometrics that ease pain and the disquiet of the mind." - Roberto Santaguida.

    Photos: On set of Alice Shin's, Signal Fire, 2019. 

“I strive to create films focusing on Asian storytelling where unspoken encounters and actions take over dialogues. ‘Signal Fire’ explores how non-verbal communications and actions prompt change between people.” – Alice Shin, director and co-producer of Signal Fire, 2019.
Co-produced with Eiko Brown.


From Glissant Unfixed and Unbounded

Art Gallery of Ontario
December 5, 6 and 7, 2019.


          Photo: Edouard Glissant en 1997 (in 1997) in New York City by © Jean-Christian Bourcart

Inspired by the poetry and philosophy of Martiniquan writer Edouard Glissant (1928-2011),  this international event is an attempt to generate poetics of relation from Toronto’s current political and artistic context toward his theory of “le Tout-Monde” (The Whole-World). In a time where borders and walls are erected and war seems endless, artists, thinkers, poets and performers are taking up the work of Glissant. Over three days and including participating members of the public, they will present interactive, project-based engaging ways of exchanging knowledge and building new imaginaries.

The event is presented, commissioned and produced by Elegoa Cultural Productions, and co-presented with the Art Gallery of Ontario. It is funded for its main part by the Canada Council for the Arts, through the Sector Innovation and Development Program. The curatorial process is lead in collaboration with artists by Catherine Sicot (Elegoa), Wanda Nanibush (AGO) and Pamela Edmonds (McMaster Museum of Art).

La Primavera del Amor

Elegoa Cultural Productions and Programme Hors-Pistes (Centre Pompidou)

Commissioning, artistic direction and co-production

Cuban and international partners and funders (see list below)


La Primavera del Amor is a platform for artistic development and production, international and local networking, and community outreach in Havana and suburbs curated by Catherine Sicot launched in the spring of 2014.

Instituto de Invierno (The Winter Institute)

January 3 to February 28, 2015
San Agustín, La Lisa (Havana, Cuba)
A 2-month workshop and lecture series culminating in a series of public performances

MAC/SAN (Museo de arte contemporaneo de San Agustin, Cuba)


The project MAC/SAN is a prototype dedicated to contemporary art practices in the public realm, a two-week ephemeral museum that featured 11 site-specific artworks and projects—most of them participatory—by Cuban and international artists. 

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Indian Summer Diary: Luis Manuel Otero Alcántara (La Primavera del amor 2016)

A 10 day Canadian visa sublimation project on Facebook (a travel in Canada.... filmed in Havana), with it ups and downs........

Indian Summer Diary: I love Canada, Canada, love me! 
Luis Manuel Otero Alcantara's trip to Canada. 
September 28/October 9, 2016

Journal de bord d'un été indien : Luis Manuel Otero Alcántara (La Primavera del amor 2016)

10 jours de projet sur Facebook, pour sublimer un refus de visa d'entrée au Canada (un voyage au Canada... filmé à La Havane), avec ses hauts et ses bas...

Indian Summer Diary: I love Canada, Canada, love me! 
Le voyage de Luis Manuel Otero Alcantara au Canada. 
28 Septembre / 9 Octobre 2016

Staging Residence

Staging Residence

Staging Residence is a youth-theater-based project that unfolds over two years and involves youth groups across Ontario in exploring social justice through theatre. It deals with issues of territory and identity. The geographical focus is on marginalized communities and remote territories in the Georgian Bay area. The artistic team is developing and currently includes theater director Serge Sàndor. The conceptualization of the project also benefited from the contribution of theater director Jennifer H. Capraru.

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